Friday, September 22, 2017

Four UT recruits named 2017 Senior Aces

PrepVolleyball has released their annual Senior Aces list of the best 250 USA-based recruits in the high school class of 2018. The Vols have four future players honored this year. (Only the top 100 players are ranked, with the next 150 being grouped together.)

Emma Schriner (a 6’3” OH/MB from Williamsburg VA) is UT’s highest ranked recruit on the list at #60, followed by #96 Danielle Mahaffey (a 6’1” RS/OH from Cincinnati OH), #98 Lily Felts (a 5’10” OH from Knoxville TN), and Rocky Perinar (a 6’0” OH from Illinois) who didn’t make the ranked 100 but was named one of 25 players in the group of 150 who just missed making that cut.

Also of note, of the three players from the state of Tennessee to make the list of the best 250 recruits in the country, two are from Knoxville: UT recruit Felts of Berean Christian and, almost topping the list at #4, Nicklin Hames (a 5-11 S) from Webb who will play for Nebraska.

The Vols currently have six players on the squad who earned Senior Aces honors while in high school: Sedona Hansen, Keyton Kinley, Mackenzie Cooler, Erica Treiber, Olivia Schwamberger, and Callie Williams.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vols drop SEC opener in Arkansas

Tennessee was swept by Arkansas (25-17, 25-19, 25-21) in the first conference match of the season. More soon.

UPDATE: Kendra Turner led the team in kills with 10. Tessa Grubbs had 8 while hitting .538. Tennessee out-blocked the Razorbacks, with Alyssa Andreno leading the way with 6 and Erica Treiber just behind with 5. Brooke Schumacher had 8 digs. Sedona Hansen had 18 assists while Callie Williams added in 10 more.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

2017 Match Notes: at Arkansas and vs Mississippi State

Tennessee begins the SEC portion of their schedule with a mid-week televised match at Arkansas before returning home on Sunday to face Mississippi State.

  • Tennessee is 19-19 all-time vs Arkansas. The two teams split their meetings last season with the Vols getting a 3-1 win in Knoxville and the Razorbacks getting a sweep in Fayetteville. The teams are 5-5 in their last ten meetings, and 7-3 in their last ten in Arkansas.

    Tennessee is 43-12 all-time vs Mississippi State. The Bulldogs won both meetings last season. The teams are 5-5 in their last ten meetings, and 8-2 in their last ten in Knoxville.

    The Lady Vols are 18-21 when facing their first conference opponent of the year.

    This will be the only time UT plays both these teams this season.

    Tennessee has had a string of bad luck in televised games since 2013, losing 21 out of 22. But they have since won their last two in a row.

    Today’s notes feature a recap of UT’s statistical rankings and top performances to date during their out-of-conference schedule. You can check those out at the end of this article.

  • This week’s AVCA Coaches Poll

    Daily Beacon weekend recap

    Tennessee Journalist weekend recap

    2017: 10-2 // 2016: 9-21, 7-11 SEC
    Wednesday, September 20, 9:00pm ET
    Fayetteville AR // ESPNU
    2017: 9-6 // 2016: 14-18, 6-12 SEC
    Sunday, September 24, 1:30pm ET
    Knoxville TN // SEC NETWORK+ // LIVE STATS

    per set
    per set
    per set
    per set
    per set
    per set
    142 222 206 16 183 190 81 17

    per set
    per set
    per set
    per set
    per set
    per set
    7 12 7 2 6 12 7 2

    Alyssa Andreno blocks per set 64
    hitting percentage 90
    Brooke Schumacher digs per set 53
    Erica Treiber blocks per set 34
    hitting percentage 39

    Alyssa Andreno blocks per set 6
    hitting percentage 8
    Kanisha Jimenez aces per set 7
    Brooke Schumacher digs per set 2
    Erica Treiber blocks per set 5
    hitting percentage 4

    CAREER HIGHS (matched or exceeded in 2017)
    Alyssa Andreno blocks (solo) 3 (vs Western Michigan)
    blocks (assists) 8 (vs Western Michigan)
    blocks (total) 11 (vs Western Michigan)
    Stephanie Buss blocks (assists) 7 (vs Furman)
    blocks (total) 7 (vs Furman)
    Sedona Hansen aces 3 (vs Wofford)
    Kanisha Jimenez assists 5 (vs UTSA)
    aces 5 (vs Furman)
    blocks (assists) 7 (vs Furman)
    blocks (total) 8 (vs Furman)
    Brooke Schumacher digs 36 (vs UTSA)
    Erica Treiber aces 3 (vs GWU & WMU)
    blocks (assists) 10 (vs Furman)
    blocks (total) 10 (vs Furman)
    Kendra Turner attacks 52 (vs UTSA)

    aces Kanisha Jimenez 5 (vs Furman)
    Callie Williams 5 (vs USC Upstate)
    assists Sedona Hansen 29 (vs USC Upstate)
    attacks Kendra Turner 52 (vs UTSA)
    blocks (solo) Alyssa Andreno 3 (vs Western Michigan)
    blocks (assists) Erica Treiber 10 (vs Furman)
    blocks (total) Alyssa Andreno 11 (vs Western Michigan)
    kills Kendra Turner 17 (vs UTSA)
    points Kendra Turner 20.5 (vs UTSA)
    hitting percentage Erica Treiber .800 (vs Wofford)

    TEAM MATCH HIGHS (rally scoring era, 2001-2017)
    10th most blocks (assists) 32 (vs Furman)
    10th most blocks (total) 19 (vs Furman)
    17th most aces 9 (vs Wofford)
    22nd most blocks (solo) 4 (vs Western Michigan)

    INDIVIDUAL MATCH HIGHS (rally scoring era, 2001-2017)
    Alyssa Andreno 3rd most blocks (solo) 3 (vs Western Michigan)
    11th most blocks (total) 11 (vs Western Michigan)
    Kanisha Jimenez 8th most aces 5 (vs Furman)
    Brooke Schumacher 5th most digs 36 (vs UTSA)
    Erica Treiber 10th most hitting percentage .800 (vs Wofford)
    10th most blocks (assists) 10 (vs Furman)
    17th most blocks (total) 10 (vs Furman)
    Callie Williams 8th most aces 5 (vs USC Upstate)

  • Saturday, September 16, 2017

    Tennessee takes tourney title

    201709-treiber-1UT won the Rocky Top Invitational after a five-set win vs Furman (20-25, 25-10, 22-25, 25-23, 15-7). More soon.

    UPDATE: Lots of personal bests tonight. Breana Jeter had 9 kills and a career-high 7 digs. Alyssa Andreno had 8 kills and 8 blocks. Kanisha Jimenez had 8 kills, 8 blocks, 11 digs, and a career-high 5 aces. Erica Treiber had 7 kills and a career-high 10 blocks. Stephanie Buss put down a career-high 7 blocks. Sedona Hansen had 21 assists and 9 digs. Callie Williams put up 15 assists. And Brooke Schumacher dug up 14 balls.

    Tennessee’s 16 hitting errors was the fewest in a five-set match in the rally-scoring era. Furman’s 41 were the fourth most by a UT opponent in that time. Tennessee had 19 team blocks, good for the 10th best since 2001.

    This was the first five-set match in the rally-scoring era where no Tennessee player reached double-digit kills.

    Andreno and Jeter were named to the All-Tournament Team while Treiber was named MVP.


    UT takes down Upstate

    Tennessee gets their second win of the weekend with a 3-1 win over USC Upstate (25-12, 25-17, 24-26, 25-16). More tonight.

    Alyssa Andreno had 13 kills, hit .545, and had 5 blocks. Erica Treiber put down 12 kills while hitting .632. Kendra Turner had 9 kills, Kanisha Jimenez had 8, and Tessa Grubbs and Breana Jeter had 7 each. Stephanie Spencer hit .500 on 8 attacks. Sedona Hansen picked up a double-double with 29 assists and 13 digs. Callie Williams was just behind with 28 assists and 8 digs. Brooke Schumacher dug up 19 balls and Jimenez added 11 more.

    The team hit .333, their best outing since the end of last September. Five players hit .333 or better — only two matches in the rally scoring era had more. Upstate’s 2 team blocks were the 10th fewest by a UT opponent since 2001.


    Friday, September 15, 2017

    Tennessee stops the Herd

    The Lady Vols get the win vs Marshall tonight in a sweep (25-11, 25-11, 26-24). More soon.

    UPDATE: Kendra Turner led the match with 12 kills and also hit .409. Erica Trieber, Breana Jeter, and Kanisha Jimenez had 6 kills each. Trieber contributed 6 blocks. Brooke Schumacher had 13 digs. Callie Williams put up 18 assists while Sedona Hansen added 12 more.


    The Lady Vols*

    Tennessee has announced the return of the Lady Vol name and logo for all women’s athletics teams. And while that is great news, what it actually means is still a bit of a mystery!

    In his press conference, athletic director John Currie said:

    Today’s announcement serves as official confirmation that the Lady Vol name, logo and brand will continue to stand prominently as marks of excellence in intercollegiate athletics. As I have said on multiple occasions, I deeply value the Lady Vols legacy and what it represents to the University of Tennessee and women athletes…

    In October 2014, university leadership announced that the “Power T” logo—which had previously been utilized solely by the athletics department—would stand as the official mark of the entire UT Knoxville campus. Yes, our university has decided on one official mark and brand,” Currie said. “But that does not mean that all other brands iconic to our history and tradition must cease to exist. I do believe it’s important to preserve and celebrate the Lady Vol brand and logo, which has for decades—and still does—possess great meaning and evoke incredible pride among many supporters of this university…

    We will not allow for the Lady Vol brand to disappear from our athletics department or university. And today, Chancellor Davenport and I reaffirm our commitment to restore the official visibility of the Lady Vol name, logo and brand.

    First of all, we need to thank and acknowledge all the players and fans who launched the push to bring back the name and kept the issue alive over the past three years. There were many, but one of the first and most visible was former volleyball player Leslie Cikra. Her website,, collected stories from athletes about the impact of the original decision. Other people started petitions, organized protests, and made the rounds in the media. And many more just never stopped using the name! As Cikra said on her site:

    A LOT went on behind the scenes to make this happen. A lot of young women bravely stood up and put themselves in scary positions to stand up for what they believe in. Those voices, the petitions you signed, the letters you wrote, the posts you shared and liked, the rallies you participated in they all played a part in making this happen. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We could not have done this without each and every one of your support. We will always be Lady Volunteers.

    Now what this will mean in practice is a little more muddled at this point. If you watch the video or read the transcript, it seems that this is not a full return to the pre-2014 status quo. My reading is that they are going to allow teams to use the name “Lady Vols” if they want, put the logo up at facilities, and in general just tolerate what players and fans want to do with it.

    But it appears there is still a bit of a divide. Currie noted, “The ‘Power T’ is now the primary mark not just of Tennessee athletics, but of our entire campus. It is undeniably our most universally recognized brand image locally, regionally and worldwide. I do believe it’s important to give our female student-athletes the freedom to compete wearing the official brand and logo of their university while also taking deliberate action to ensure the preservation and celebration of the Lady Vol brand and logo, which has for decades—and still does—possess great meaning and evoke incredible pride among supporters of this university.”

    Based on this sort of equivocating announcement that seems to be trying to have it both ways, I think the university should have just taken a more decisive step, maybe like the one I mentioned back in 2014: keep the Lady Vols name but switch to the Power T. Honestly, I think it is the name that is important to most fans and players. And it’s the branding and logo that seems to matter most to the school. Then everyone would know what to expect going forward.

    How this will actually play out is hard to say. I think the school will move slowly and then follow the course set by the players, teams, coaches, and fans.

    Whatever the outcome, it appears the Lady Vols are (mostly) back and that’s a great thing. The biggest downside is they waited until I finally got around to redesigning this site — getting rid of the blue and embracing smokey gray — to do it!

    Thursday, September 14, 2017

    2017 Match Notes: Rocky Top Invitational

    The Vols are finally back in action after Hurricane Irma cancelled their matches in Florida and Georgia last week.

  • Tennessee is 5-0 all-time vs Marshall. Their first meeting was in 1973, a 2-0 win for the Vols. Their last meeting was in 2009, a 3-0 win for UT. Tennessee is 11-2 vs Conference USA since 2001.

    Tennessee is meeting USC Upstate for the first time in program history. Tennessee is 10-1 vs the Atlantic Sun Conference since 2001.

    Tennessee is 2-0 all-time vs Furman. Their previous meetings were in 1989 and 1993, both 3-0 wins for the Vols. Tennessee is 14-1 vs the Southern Conference since 2001.

    UT is 18-1 in individual sets vs the field all-time. The only time Tennessee lost a set to one of these teams was in 1978.

    As of the end of last season, the 2009 Tennessee vs Marshall match stands at #6 in the NCAA record book for most points scored in a three-set match during the 25-point rally-scoring era. That match also features UT’s school record for most points scored in a set and most points scored over regulation. The final score was 37-35, 25-16, 25-12.

    All the head coaches in this weekend’s tournament are the longest serving in the history of their programs.

    Jennifer Calloway
    USC Upstate
    22 years
    Rob Patrick
    21 years
    Michelle Young
    18 years
    Mitch Jacobs
    16 years

    UT and two of the tournament teams visiting Knoxville have played common opponents. Like the Vols, Marshall was swept by West Virginia. Upstate lost 3-0 to Wofford while UT beat them by that score.

    Tennessee had matches vs Florida State, FAMU, and Kennesaw State cancelled last week due to Hurricane Irma. This was the fourth time in the past 20 years outside forces affected competition for the Vols. In 1998, a game in Houston vs Stephen F. Austin was cancelled due to Tropical Storm Frances. Later that season a match at LSU was moved from September to November due to Hurricane George. And in 2001, games vs Radford, UAB, Charlotte, and SMU were cancelled due to the September 11th terrorist attacks.

  • This week’s AVCA Coaches Poll

    2017: 3-9 // 2016: 22-8, 11-3 C-USA
    Friday, September 15, 7:00pm ET
    Knoxville TN // SEC NETWORK+ // LIVE STATS
    2017: 3-7 // 2016: 14-19, 5-9 ASUN
    Saturday, September 16, 10:00am ET
    Knoxville TN // SEC NETWORK+ // LIVE STATS
    2017: 5-5 // 2016: 11-19, 6-10 SoCon
    Saturday, September 16, 7:00pm ET
    Knoxville TN // SEC NETWORK+ // LIVE STATS

    Friday, September 8, 2017

    Florida State, FAMU, Kennesaw State matches cancelled

    Tennessee has announced that all three matches this weekend have been cancelled due to Hurricane Irma, and they will not be rescheduled.

    Thursday, September 7, 2017

    2017 Match Notes: Florida State, FAMU, Kennesaw State

    Hurricane Irma may be on the way but it looks like the Vols will be able to safely make their matches this weekend vs #20 Florida State, Florida A&M , and Kennesaw State before it gets too close.

  • Tennessee is 7-10 all-time vs Florida State. Their first meeting was in 1975, a 2-0 loss to the Seminoles. Their last meeting was in 2012, a 3-0 loss to FSU. Tennessee is 16-7 vs the Atlantic Coast Conference since 2001.

    Tennessee is meeting Florida A&M for the first time in program history. Tennessee is 3-0 vs the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference since 2001.

    Tennessee is 1-0 all-time vs Kennesaw State. Their only meeting was in 2014, a 3-1 win for the Vols. Tennessee is 10-1 vs the Atlantic Sun Conference since 2001.

    The last time the Vols played back to back matches vs ranked opponents was last season when they ended the year vs #23 Kentucky and #22 Missouri. The team went 1-1 in those games.

    While the Vols and Seminoles have faced off 17 times over the years, all but two of those matches took place in the 1970s and 1980s. The other games took place over two decades later, in 2010 and 2012.

    This is the first of those recent UT/FSU matches where both teams aren’t ranked.

    Both Florida matches this weekend take place in Tallahassee, but not in the same arena. The Vols will face both Florida State and FAMU on their home courts.

    UT has played 37 matches in the state of Florida vs teams not the University of Florida since 1978. They are 23-14 in those games.

    Tallahassee 29 19-10
    Gainesville 3 2-1
    Orlando 2 1-1
    Pensacola 2 0-2
    Jacksonville 1 1-0

    Somewhat surprisingly, the Vols have only played 6 matches in the state of Georgia vs teams not the University of Georgia since 1978. Tennessee is 4-2 in those matches.

    Athens 4 2-2
    Atlanta 2 2-0

    Florida State head coach Chris Poole has a major legacy at one SEC school. He helped found the Arkansas volleyball program in 1994. In his 14 seasons at the helm of the new team, the Razorbacks won the SEC West 11 times, went to the NCAA Tournament 9 times, and were the only team other than Florida and Tennessee to win an SEC Tournament.

    Florida A&M might possibly be the most international team in NCAA Division I volleyball. Of the twelve players on their roster, only one lists her hometown as being in the United States. The countries represented on the squad: three from Peru, two from Bulgaria, two from the Dominican Republic, two from Turkey, and one each from Argentina and Columbia. The coaching staff, too, hails from abroad with Tony Trifonov from Bulgaria while his assistants are originally from Turkey and Peru.

    Kennesaw State head coach Keith Schunzel has some indirect UT connections. He faced the 2005 Vol team that advanced to the Final Four in his very first volleyball job, an assistant coach at Purdue. He joined the Indiana volleyball staff and their head coach — former Tennessee assistant coach Sherry Dunbar. While there the Hoosiers made their first-ever Sweet Sixteen appearance by knocking off the Vols in 2010. And he was an assistant at Kentucky when UT defeated the Wildcats to clinch the outright SEC Championship in 2011.

  • PrepVolleyball is announcing their annual Senior Aces piecemeal over the next week. The list recognizes the top 250 volleyball recruits in the class of 2018. I’ll write up a full report after the entire list has been released. So far three future Vols have made an appearance.

    Tennessee is not ranked (yet!) but you can keep track of the AVCA Coaches Poll online.

    The local Tallahassee newspaper has an article about the Florida State volleyball team, their season so far, and their key players.

    You can keep up with the players’ latest stats on two different sections of this website. The Roster page has total season stats as well as each players career highs. The Stats page has game by game data for each player that can be sorted in many different ways. There are also sections for program records and other interesting facts as well. One just-for-fun area even lets you see how each player might end the season in specific stats at their current pace.

    2017: 5-1 // 2016: 26-6, 17-3 ACC
    Friday, September 8, 6:00pm ET
    Tallahassee FL
    2017: 1-6 // 2016: 17-12, 10-0 MEAC
    Saturday, September 9, 1:00pm ET
    Tallahassee FL
    2017: 5-1 // 2016: 18-11, 12-2 ASUN
    Sunday, September 10, 3:00pm ET
    Kennesaw GA // Live Video // Live Stats

    Saturday, September 2, 2017

    Tennessee drops two in Minneapolis

    The Vols dropped two matches today, falling to 4-2 this season. West Virginia swept Tennessee (25-20, 25-16, 25-22). Kendra Turner led the team in kills with 8, with Erica Trieber just behind with 7. Treiber and Turner also led in blocks with 4 and 3 respectively. Sedona Hansen had 14 assists and Callie Williams 13. Williams earned a double-double with 10 digs. Kanisha Jimenez added 8.

    UT hung tough with the #2 team in the country, Minnesota, but fell in 3 (25-22, 25-15, 25-20). Breana Jeter and Turner had 10 kills each. Treiber had 8 kills and hit .533. Alyssa Andreno had 4 blocks and Stephanie Spencer had 3. Hansen put up 20 assists; Williams had 13. Brooke Schumacher dug up 14 balls.

    Friday, September 1, 2017

    UT stops the Roadrunners in four

    Tennessee picked up a 3-1 victory over UTSA in the first match of their tournament in Minnesota (25-18, 25-23, 20-25, 25-21). Kendra Turner had 17 kills, 7 digs, and 4 blocks. Breana Jeter had 14 kills. Erica Triber put down 7 blocks, while Kanisha Jimenez, Alyssa Andreno, and Stephanie Spencer added 4 more each. Brooke Schumacher had a monster night with 36 digs — the 5th most by a Vol in program history, and 15 more than her previous career high. Sedona Hansen and Callie Williams had 26 and 19 assists respectively. Hansen completed a double-double with 10 digs.

    Thursday, August 31, 2017

    2017 Match Notes: Minnesota Diet Coke Classic

    Tennessee hits the road for the first time this season, heading to Minneapolis where they’ll face UTSA, West Virginia, and the homestanding #2 team in the nation, Minnesota.

  • Tennessee is 1-0 all-time vs UTSA. Their only previous meeting was in 1998, a sweep by the Vols. Tennessee is 10-2 vs Conference USA since 2001.

    Tennessee is (surprisingly, I think!) meeting West Virginia for the first time. Tennessee is 5-3 vs the Big 12 since 2001.

    Tennessee is 1-4 all-time vs Minnesota. Their first meeting was in 1993, a 3-1 win for the Gophers. Their last meeting was in 2009, a UMN sweep. Tennessee is 5-14 vs the Big Ten since 2001.

    The Vols started the season 3-0 for the 11th time in head coach Rob Patrick’s tenure. This weekend they could make it 4-0 for the 8th time, 5-0 for the 6th time, and 6-0 for the 4th time since 1997.

    Minnesota is ranked #2 in the latest AVCA Coaches Poll. The last time UT played a #2 ranked team was in 2005 when they defeated Penn State in State College PA during the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet Sixteen. That was the highest ranked opponent UT has ever defeated.

    This will be the 32nd time in program history that the Vols have faced a top five team. They’ve won twice: the above mentioned Penn State game, and vs # 4 Florida in 2005.

    Florida 22 2016: L 3-2
    Hawaii 3 1999: L 3-0
    Pacific 2 1984: L 3-0
    Nebraska 2 2007: L 3-0
    USC 1 1982: L 3-0
    Penn State 1 2005: W 3-1
    Minnesota 1 2017: ?

    Tennessee is a respectable 28-54 vs ranked opponents in the rally-scoring era when they themselves are unranked. It’s a feat they’ve accomplished in each of the last two seasons.

    All three UTSA coaches have faced Tennessee in the past in three different roles. Head coach Laura Neugebauer-Groff was an All-American at the University of Texas. During her collegiate career, her teams faced the Vols 7 times between 1982 and 1985. Tennessee’s only win in the entire series with the Longhorns came her freshman season. Assistant coach Pete Hoyer faced the Vols twice before from the sidelines: in 1997 as head coach at Dayton and in 2015 as in assistant at North Carolina State. UT lost both matches. And assistant coach Dominique Gonzalez was an assistant at Kent State last season in the first meeting between the teams, a win for the Vols. For those not keeping track, that makes the UTSA coaching staff 8-2 vs Tennessee.

    Minnesota head coach Hugh McCutcheon led the USA to medals in two Olympic Games: a gold for the men’s team in 2008 in Beijing and a silver for the women’s team in 2012 in London.

    The Gophers have a 36 match winning streak dating back to 2014 at their home court, the Sports Pavilion (which will be renamed the Maturi Pavilion in a ceremony before the Tennessee game).

    West Virginia is playing in three tournaments before starting conference play and in each they’ll face a squad from the the Volunteer State: UT Martin, Tennessee, and Tennessee Tech.

    UT’s last match in the state of Minnesota was in 2004, a 3-2 loss vs Ohio State in the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet Sixteen.

  • After earning career victory 400, head coach Rob Patrick, and several other coaches from around the SEC, discuss the milestone.

    Hurricane Harvey has caused trouble all over the Houston area in all aspects of life, and thet includes volleyball.

    Former UT assistant coach Alan Edwards is in the thick of it as the head coach of Lamar University. His team was stuck in Clemson after a tournament due to the hurricane. A Facebook post he made thanking his hosts and the volleyball community is making the rounds on the web.

    2017: 0-3 // 2016: 20-8, 10-4 C-USA
    Friday, September 1, 5:30pm ET
    Minneapolis MN // Live Video // Live Stats
    2017: 2-1 // 2016: 12-18, 3-13 Big 12
    Saturday, September 2, 1:00pm ET
    Minneapolis MN // Live Video // Live Stats
    2017: 2-0 // 2016: 29-5, 17-3 Big Ten
    Saturday, September 2, 8:00pm ET
    Minneapolis MN // Live Video [$] // Live Stats

    Saturday, August 26, 2017

    UT wins tourney, Patrick gets win 400

    201703-patrick-1-thumbThe Vols won their home tournament with a sweep of George Washington (25-20, 25-9, 25-22). That takes them to 3-0 on the season. And it gives coach Rob Patrick career win 400. More soon.

    UPDATE: Kendra Turner led the Vols in kills with 10. She hit .409 on the night. Alyssa Andreno had 8 kills and again hit an impressive .500. Erica Treiber had 6 kills, 5 blocks, and 3 aces. Stephanie Spencer had 5 kills. Sedona Hansen and Callie Williams splitting time at setter put up 17 and 12 assists respectively. Brooke Schumacher had 13 digs.

    UT held GWU to 9 points in the second set, the 3rd lowest opponent set score of the rally-scoring era.

    Andreno was named Tournament MVP, while Treiber and Schumacher were named to the All-Tournament Team. Andreno hit .477 for the weekend, had 2.40 kills per set, and 1.60 blocks per set. Treiber hit .500, had 2.80 kills per set, and served up 7 aces. Schumacher had 4.90 digs per set and only a single reception error.

    Patrick got his latest milestone. From win #300, it took 183 games to get to #400. All four of his 100 win milestone victories came in front of the home crowd. Patrick is the third SEC coach to reach 400 with their current school. Already the all-time winningest Tennessee volleyball coach, Patrick now has put 171 victories between himself and the next person on the list, Bob Bertucci, who had 229 wins from 1979 to 1986.

    Vols sweep Wofford

    Tennessee goes to 2-0 for the season after sweeping Wofford this afternoon (25-16, 25-17, 25-23). Head coach Rob Patrick’s first chance for career win 400 will come tonight vs George Washington. More soon.

    UPDATE: Eric Treiber led the team with 8 kills on 10 attacks with no errors for an incredible .800 hitting percentage. That’s the 10th best for a UT player with at least 5 attempts in the rally-scoring era, and the 3rd best in that time for someone with double digit attempts. Treiber also led UT with 6 blocks. Alyssa Andreno had 6 kills, hit an impressive .500, and put back 4 blocks. Stephanie Buss had 4 blocks and Kendra Turner 3. The team had 9 service aces during the match, the 7th most by the Vols in a three-set match since 2001. Sedona Hansen had 3, and Kanisha Jimenez and Brook Schumacher had 2 each. Callie Williams put up 12 assists while Hansen had 10. Schumacher had 16 digs.