Wednesday, December 1, 2021

2021 Match Notes: NCAA Subregional – Part Three

Below are the players appearing in the Ohio State subregional who are ranked in the top 150 nationally in the selected statistical categories. If a school isn’t represented in the top 150, then the team leader in that category is listed.

A C E S   P E R   S E T
3   Busi Banda0.66HOWARD
66   Kayla Diaz0.40HOWARD
88   Milexa Cardona0.38HOWARD
   Hannah Gruensfelder0.31OHIO STATE
   Mabrey Shaffmaster0.29NORTH CAROLINA
   Natalie Hayward0.21TENNESSEE
A S S I S T S   P E R   S E T
1   Mac Podraza11.97OHIO STATE
23   Natalie Hayward10.82TENNESSEE
   Meghan Neelon8.62NORTH CAROLINA
   Milexa Cardona6.34HOWARD
A T T A C K S   P E R   S E T
113   Breana Runnels10.05TENNESSEE
   Gabby Gonzales9.69OHIO STATE
   Mabrey Shaffmaster9.30NORTH CAROLINA
   Bria Woodard8.83HOWARD
B L O C K S   P E R   S E T
6   Danielle Mahaffey1.40TENNESSEE
38   Arica Davis1.26OHIO STATE
57   Ava Bell1.20TENNESSEE
   Nina Askew1.11HOWARD
   Kaya Merkler0.97NORTH CAROLINA
D I G S   P E R   S E T
74   Rylee Rader4.55OHIO STATE
143   Essence Bell4.12HOWARD
149   Karenna Wurl4.07NORTH CAROLINA
   Madison Bryant3.62TENNESSEE
K I L L S   P E R   S E T
81   Nia Robinson3.80NORTH CAROLINA
101   Breana Runnels3.69TENNESSEE
109   Emily Londot3.64OHIO STATE
112   Gabby Gonzales3.62OHIO STATE
130   Mabrey Shaffmaster3.53 NORTH CAROLINA
   Bria Woodard2.63HOWARD
H I T T I N G   P E R C E N T A G E
4   Rylee Rader.445OHIO STATE
36   Danielle Mahaffey.381TENNESSEE
53   Kaya Merkler.365NORTH CAROLINA
54   Cimone Woodard.364HOWARD
103   Amanda Phegley.336NORTH CAROLINA
P O I N T S   P E R   S E T
85   Emily Londot4.29OHIO STATE
123   Gabby Gonzales4.08OHIO STATE
125   Breana Runnels4.07TENNESSEE
133   Nia Robinson4.02NORTH CAROLINA
138   Mabrey Shaffmaster3.98NORTH CAROLINA
140   Morgahn Fingall3.97TENNESSEE
   Bria Woodard3.15HOWARD