Monday, March 12, 2018

March 2018 updates
  • Tennessee has officially announced the addition of the two players mentioned in last month’s update, Giana Pellizzon and Addisyn Rowe. Check the link for full bio info and quotes from the coach on each player.
  • Congratulations to former Tennessee assistant coach A.J. Bonetti on being named to the staff at Maryland!
  • Congratulations to former Tennessee assistant coach Nikki Dailey on being named to the staff at Virginia!
  • Congratulations to former Tennessee Director of Volleyball Operations Kevin Cardoza on being named assistant coach at the University at Albany!
  • Not much news to report, so I’ve been working on some other updates over on the Stats page:

    Tennessee Coaching Staff: View the former head coaches and assistants that have led the team over the years. Obviously the data gets a little harder to come by the further back you go, but here’s what I’ve been able to pull together. I actually had this page almost done right before UT announced the resignation of Rob Patrick, but decided to hold off until I could add info on the new coach.

    Historical Rosters: The Tennessee record book has an alphabetical list of (almost) every player to have worn the orange and white and the years they were on the team. This page takes that data and extrapolates a year by year roster of Lady Vol teams.

    Tennessee Athletics Hall of Fame: Here are the six UT volleyball players and one coach in the school sports hall of fame. (Might be time to discuss potential additions to that last…)

    Facility Records: I’ve still got some work to do on this page, but a lot of info is there already. Here you can read a blurb about four facilities the team has called home over the years and view the match attendance records by building. Coming soon – team and player records by venue.

    Also of note, the Milestones page has been updated to keep track of new coach Eve Rackham’s records, though there is not much to see there yet! Can she reach that first 25 win milestone in her first season? (No pressure!)