Tuesday, September 28, 2021

No updates this week

This week something will happen that hasn’t occurred in the entire 15 years I’ve been running this site — I’m planning on missing a home match! In my first 14 years, I was only absent for a single game here in Knoxville, due to an unforeseen traffic jam. (If the match had gone one more set I would have made it!) Then a few weeks ago I ended up having to miss two matches when my wife unexpectedly contracted COVID which required me to quarantine just in case. (Thankfully my vaccine held strong, and I did not get it!)

My wife and I had to cancel our 25th anniversary plans last winter due to the pandemic. Earlier this year we made make-up plans for the first week of October. I knew that would be in the midst of volleyball season, but I crossed my fingers and hoped that when the schedule eventually came out, UT would be on the road while I was on vacation.

That didn’t happen! But we’re going anyway!

So there will be no updates for the rest of this week. I’ll catch up on stats and stories in time for next week’s matches. Thanks for understanding, good luck this week, and see ya real soon!