Sunday, December 1, 2019

2019 NCAA Tourney field announced

Six teams from the SEC made the NCAA Tournament — unfortunately Tennessee wasn’t one of them. In are #9 Kentucky, #10 Florida, #13 Texas A&M, Missouri, Georgia, and South Carolina. Of UT’s 28 matches, 12 were vs teams in the tournament.

The Lady Vols really needed a win over Missouri a few matches ago to even be on the bubble. But you never know what the committee will do, so I’ve purposely not called the last week “the end of the season”. But that’s official now.

This week I’ll write up a end-of-year review. But until then I’ll leave you with these stats that might cheer you up:

Tennessee started the season 9-11, but finished the year 6-2. They were as low as 10th in the SEC over half way through the league schedule, but climbed back up to 7th. The team really started playing well, it was just a little too late in the season. But it makes me look forward to next year all the more!

Coach Rackham said it nicely after the Mississippi State match: “I wish this team had a little bit more time. I felt like all year, we were going to get there and this team was going to get better. We got better as the year went on. You always want to be playing your best volleyball at the end of the year. We were and we ran out of time to be able to continue this season. But we have a lot of young players and a lot of people who are returning who have been through the season. There were a lot of people that saw a lot of playing time and I that will help us going into the offseason.”