Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fifty days!

We’re just 50 days away from the first match of the season so it’s time to fire up the blog and get back to work around here!

Apologies for my absence this offseason. One of my other websites has been taking up a lot of my time after we recently revamped the entire thing. But more than that, this year was my daughter’s final senior semester in high school! So hard to believe that is was ten years ago that I posted about her very first volleyball game when she was a third grader! As you fellow parents probably know those final months leading up to graduation are a little crazy. On top of that, the spring semester is her “sport’s” season. Her high school didn’t have a volleyball team so she eventually moved on from it. The school did have a robotics team though — and she was named team captain her senior year! She ended up leading the team to their best finish in school history, earning a spot in the world championship in Houston. So between my schedule, her robotics competitions, graduation preparations, and my son’s freshman year of high school, things have been kinda hectic around here. And I haven’t even mentioned college planning! In fact we just got back from her freshman orientation at Tennessee this week! (She’s a Vol!)

So, excuses aside, things are ramping back up around here. I’ve got to start updating the databases for the new season and new posts are on their way as well. So be sure to start checking back often!

Tennessee’s first match is fifty days from now — August 30th — vs Illinois here in Knoxville!