Thursday, January 24, 2019

A look back of the 2018 season by the numbers

TEAM NOTES: What an amazing year Tennessee volleyball had in 2018! Here are some of the incredible numbers behind the season:

  • 1 win away from an SEC Championship!
  • 9th most wins in school history (3rd most since the early 1980s)
  • 5th best winning percentage in school history (3rd most since the early 1980s)
  • 3rd most home wins in school history (the most since the early 1980s)
  • 3rd fewest losses by sweep in school history
  • 5th longest winning streak in school history (3rd longest since the early 1980s)
  • the longest SEC winning streak in school history
  • 5th highest final ranking in school history

COACHING NOTES: You cannot underestimate the extraordinary impact the new sideline leadership helmed by first year coach Eve Rackham had on the outcome of this season!

  • She led the team to the second biggest turnaround in program history, going from .444 last year to .813 this year.
  • She had the best record by a new UT volleyball coach since 1973.
  • Since the Coaches Poll was instituted in 1982, new UT volleyball coaches had never defeated a ranked team — going 0-17, and only winning 3 individual sets. Rackham has won versus four ranked opponents in her first season.
  • She defeated a ranked team in her very first match — a first for a head coach in any sport at Tennessee.

PLAYER NOTES: While coaching is key, the players obviously were most instrumental to the amazing results this year! (And to be fair let’s give some credit to the previous coaching staff who recruited them.) Below you’ll find a rundown of Tennessee match, season, and career records set by various players this year — and just a warning, there are a lot of them! Click a header to view the list. (Note that career records are not official until certain criteria have been met, and some of the players listed below have not reached those requirements yet.)