Wednesday, November 28, 2018

2018 Match Notes: NCAA Subregional – Part Three

Below are the players appearing in the Washington State subregional who are ranked in the top 150 nationally in the selected statistical categories. If a school isn’t represented in the top 150, then the team leader in that category is listed.

A C E S   P E R   S E T
66   Olivia Nicholson0.37COLORADO STATE
70   Abby Akin0.37NORTHERN ARIZONA
71   Erica Treiber0.37TENNESSEE
95   Sasha Colombo0.35COLORADO STATE
129   Kaylie Jorgenson0.33NORTHERN ARIZONA
A S S I S T S   P E R   S E T
13   Katie Oleksak11.58COLORADO STATE
63   Ashley Brown10.44WASHINGTON STATE
   Sedona Hansen7.12TENNESSEE
B L O C K S   P E R   S E T
31   Paulina Hougaard-Jensen1.30COLORADO STATE
52   Kirstie Hillyer1.21COLORADO STATE
100   Claire Martin1.13WASHINGTON STATE
125   Abby Akin1.10NORTHERN ARIZONA
126   Ella Lajos1.10WASHINGTON STATE
127   Erica Treiber1.09TENNESSEE
D I G S   P E R   S E T
77   Jordan Anderson4.77NORTHERN ARIZONA
139   Alexis Dirige4.34WASHINGTON STATE
   Madison Coulter3.50TENNESSEE
   Olivia Nicholson2.99COLORADO STATE
K I L L S   P E R   S E T
33   Tessa Grubbs4.18TENNESSEE
44   Breana Runnels4.05COLORADO STATE
80   Taylor Mims3.78WASHINGTON STATE
   Kaylie Jorgenson3.09NORTHERN ARIZONA
H I T T I N G   P E R C E N T A G E
8   Erica Treiber.401TENNESSEE
12   Abby Akin.400NORTHERN ARIZONA
56   Kirstie Hillyer.357COLORADO STATE
59   Paulina Hougaard-Jensen.356COLORADO STATE
132   Jocelyn Urias.324WASHINGTON STATE
138   Addisyn Rowe.323TENNESSEE
P O I N T S   P E R   S E T
38   Breana Runnels4.62COLORADO STATE
53   Tessa Grubbs4.46TENNESSEE
65   Taylor Mims4.38WASHINGTON STATE
139   Erica Treiber3.90TENNESSEE
   Kaylie Jorgenson3.82NORTHERN ARIZONA