Friday, June 30, 2017, 1:07 pm

A new look for the tenth anniversary

Just a heads up that I’m in the middle of revamping the design of the website. It’s not done yet so you may notice some issues as I continue working, especially on the interior pages. I’m hoping to have everything done within the week. And then we’ll be ready to start discussing the upcoming season!

As for the new design, the layout isn’t changing much but the look is going to be a bit of an adjustment! The fonts are bolder, the lines are thicker, and we’re all-in with smokey gray. Hopefully you’ll like the changes, and if not, hopefully you can at least live with them!

Lastly, why are the first three letters in the word “Tennessee” in orange in the new logo? They’ll stay that way until August 9th which is — hard to believe, but true — the tenth anniversary of this site’s launch! When I started out I said I wasn’t sure whether a site like this would work, since even the biggest and most popular volleyball teams don’t have fans writing blogs about them ( lists only three others). But I added I would “give this idea a shot this season and see how it goes”. I’m not sure I expected to still be here ten years later! And it’s all thanks to the wonderful support I’ve gotten from you all — fans, families, players, and staff. I’ll admit I’m a big enough geek that I’d probably be doing some of the things I do here for my own enjoyment even if I didn’t have a website! But it’s much more fun to be able to share with you. Thank you so much for allowing me to do that for this long.

With both a new design here and an anniversary upcoming, here’s a look back at the site’s logo over the years.