Thursday, December 1, 2016, 1:19 pm

2016 season comes to a close

Tennessee’s season is officially over. It was a pretty good year considering injuries and the graduation of our starting setter. Though I think we lost several games we could have won, you can’t be disappointed with 17 wins! And with five underclassmen getting significant playing time, the potential for success in future seasons is bright.

Here are a few very quick highlights of 2016:

  • Head coach Rob Patrick’s 20th season
  • 30th recorded winning season in program history
  • Highest home attendance average since 2012
  • 4th highest home attendance in at least the past 18 years
  • Went from 110th the end of last year to 84th today in the RPI
  • Went from 113th the end of last year to 75th today in the Pablo Rankings
  • Went from 13th in the SEC in 2014, 8th last year, to 7th this year
  • Finished in the top 5 in the SEC in hitting, opponent hitting, assists, kills, and aces
  • Freshman Sedona Hansen finished 19th in the nation in assists per set.

Thanks to the players, their families, the coaches, the support staff, and everyone else responsible for another great season of Tennessee volleyball. I’ll have a few more stories in the coming weeks. And I am WAY behind in posting photos! (By the way, thanks for your patience this year as I had to spend more time than usual on my other website during the presidential election.) Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!